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⚒️ Governance Tooling
⚒️ Governance Tooling

Useful tools to keep track of governance changes.

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There are different useful tools in place to ensure that every stakeholder has access to real-time information and the ability to engage with the governance process:

    • Real-time Updates: Dynamically fetches the latest transaction data from the blockchain.

    • Transaction State Links: Direct links to Etherscan for each transaction based on its state.

    • Progress Bar: Displays the progress of the time window for a transaction to be executed.

  1. A repository that houses all scripts and libraries necessary for managing transactions within the multisig governance structure. It serves as a central location for tracking changes and facilitating collaboration among governance participants.

  2. An organizational tool that provides an overview of the governance process, including proposed changes, ongoing operations, and completed tasks with all relevant details. It helps in tracking the progress of governance actions and fosters transparency.

  3. A system that sends notifications about timelock operations to the community, via the Badger Discord. These alerts keep the community informed of any upcoming changes, fostering engagement and providing an opportunity for feedback.

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